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About Us

Who Are We ??

AQA Assistance is an assistance company based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates was founded by Emirates Partnership with over 30 years of professional experience in the travel insurance market in the UK and over 10 years of professional experience in the insurance business and assistance activities in the Emirates touristic market .

This professional partnership is successfully launched relying on the integrity of the local-knowledge and the vast international professional experiences in the insurance business career in held of many different managerial positions in Operations, Fraud, Cost Containment, Claims, Risk & Underwriting in large various multinational companies in the UK and Germany, this experience has gained by working closely with Air Ambulance, Air ticketing Agencies, Taxi, Funeral in (United Arab Emirates-UK-EUROPE-USA-CANADA-GERMANY).

Our Vision

AQA Assistance Vision is aim all the time to make matching between customers’ needs and the expected quality of their insurers by providing a number of services to the clients and catering to the needs of those who deserve medical succor. Wherever they may be, you can rely on AQA Assistance to guarantee that your insured people are in safe hands.

Our services extend to all areas of United Arab Emirates from the big cities to villages and isolated areas are in coverage. We cover your targets in United Arab Emirates-wide in all major, remote and key touristic cities. That’s not all; we provide integrated services and even cover the deserts and remote rural areas. Wherever there are people in need, we are there.

AQA hereby confirms that it is able to help your insured people any time anywhere. AQA Assistance slogan is “Client Assist is Our Mission” which comes from our Faith that’s “Client is first and foremost” this is our unique goal which we work to achieve.

AQA Assistance Values

AQA Assistance understands the value of utilizing time means saving people’s lives and reducing client costs. Once receiving a case from an insurance, assistance company or customer, we become actively involved and take on a dynamic role geared towards working continuously and effectively to close the case with utmost precision and tact. We have become adept at reacting effectively and responding to calls swiftly and accurately controlling the situation at all times.