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AQA Assistance cannot do its job successfully without the efforts on the part of its vast network of medical staff and service professionals. We are in contract with various partners with special prices/discounts. These agreements are supporting our vast network coverage, our contracts and agreements extend to (Airlines Companies – Air Ambulance – Hotels & Resorts – Doctors – Medical Centers – Hospitals – Medical Tourism – Funeral Companies – Decompression Centers – etc…) COVERAGE CAPACITY Our services extend to all areas of United Arab Emirates from the big cities to villages and isolated areas in coverage. Our network team can serve you in whole United Arab Emirates to cover your targets in all major.


Connections are of utmost importance in defining the ability to maneuver in our sector. Our success is based on our network of contacts and affiliates which allow the smooth and speedy response necessary to carry out cases and save people’s lives. AQA Assistance has a vast network spread throughout United Arab Emirates, including all touristic destinations, like Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and extends to such remote areas as Saint Catherine’s and the Kharga and Dakhla Oases in the western desert. Our team’s experience in medical, nonmedical assistance and travel which means that we have special contracts with service providers such as hotels, hospitals, clinics, air ambulances and travel agencies. Repatriations are executed smoothly by AQA Assistance as we have been given permits to enter otherwise unauthorized areas such as airport runways and hangers. In addition, during repatriation, we can provide airport assistance and ensuring that the client is in safe hands and is being looked after at all times throughout the repatriation process.